Keeya Chapman-Langford, Author

Violated By The Enemy 

Evangelist Keeya Chapman-Langford is the wife of Deacon Darnae Langford, mother of four beautiful children and grandmother of three. Her first ministry is her family as she believes in creating a healthy environment to foster success in the lives of those around her.


Evangelist Chapman-Langford is a preacher and teacher of the word of God but she readily admits she has not always lived her life according to God’s will. She is the author of the Christian study guide, “Violated by the Enemy” wherein she talks about having been both sidetracked and violated by the enemy. As a result of her pain she found her purpose, she now endeavors to minister to those who do not know God or have walked away from God and are searching for a route back to him. She meets people where they are and she understands except for the grace of God, there go I. Her personal struggles in life are her ammunition for exposing the tricks of the enemy. Her ultimate goal is to snatch souls back from the snare of the enemy. As she reveals her own scars, it is her prayer that others will hear and avoid being violated by the enemy and have the ability to recognize the subtleties of Satan.


Evangelist Chapman-Langford wears many hats but all are directly associated with her love of helping others. Not only is she an author but she is a playwright, actress, gospel artist and lyricist, mentor and counselor for youth, young adults, and women. She serves on the board for a local drug and alcohol rehabilitation program known as "Pathway to Peace." She has founded a support group called “Survivors” for women and children coming out of domestic violence. As requested she conducts a women’s study group to discuss the issues women deal with today and offer Biblical advice as to how one should deal with those issues.


Evangelist Chapman-Langford has earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theology from North Carolina College of Theology and is currently pursuing her Master’s in Biblical Counseling. Her ultimate goal is to use her experiences to prevent others from falling prey to the tricks the enemy uses to prevent us from being and having all God has ordained.