Keeya Chapman-Langford, Author

Violated By The Enemy 

Lesson four - There Is No Compromise

The first thing the enemy will often attack is your self-esteem. He brings about a situation in your life that gives you a fork in the road decision. One road says, "For God I live, and for God I die." The other road says, "I know God can deliver but I'm tired of waiting on Him to show up." Satan then gives you a subtle, non-biblical solution to your situation. He then lies in wait to see if you will accept his bait. If you accept, what you have done is open the door for continual attack from the enemy. Your acceptance of the enemy's solution will only create another problem or situation that will allow him the opportunity to offer you another non-biblical solution. Each time he makes it more evident your solution is not from God. In essence, he becomes bold in what he will offer and invite you into. This is how one can become involved in adultery, fornication, and various ungodly relationships. Things will never begin as severe as they end. If you stop and look back on the beginning of it all, what you're in now is a direct result of you compromising the gifts and the callings God has placed in your life. The compromise has shifted you from where God ordained you to be, to where the enemy desired you to be -  in his camp and on his territory having to now abide by his rules.